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The fruit farming tradition was a family pursuit of Sady Wincenta’s founders who held orchards in a hollow of the Beskids. It developed into an efficient family business over time. Clean air, crystal water and great climate of the region foster many varieties of apples. A fruit farmer knows that every apple is tasty but not every kind of it qualifies to the same purpose.
We cultivate several varieties of soft – fleshed and deep – flavoured apples such as: Champion, Jonagold, Topaz – which excellently submit to processes of natural cold pressing. In the orchards there are also several species of American blueberry. A self – reliant fruit sourcing for fruit or fruit and vegetable juice production gives us a guarantee of balanced products creation. That’s why we know that we distribute all that’s best.

The technology brings many benefits. In a critical moment of our activity, which was a fateful hailstorm, it enabled an improvement of pressing process. After the years when we had been concentrating only on fruit farming, we decided to change our profile. In 2010 we started a production of balanced fruit juice which we have been holding until today. Apparently, every cloud has a silver lining.

What’s the most important in Sady Wincenta’s products is that in large part they are made out of our own fruits by means of traditional techniques of scrouging. Before pouring they are submitted to processes of delicate pasteurization similar to the process of home – made preserves’ bottling. Thanks to this technology juice conserves a flavour of fresh fruits for longer saving almost all minerals and vitamins. The flavour and colour of the juice depend on the fruits varieties and the season when the juice is scrouged.

Sady Wincenta’s juice can be bought directly in our Internet shop or in cooperating commercial places in the whole country. We also offer additional services for fruit farmers and producers such as delivered fruits scrouging or drying of ecological briquette made out of pomace.

Sady Wincenta’s juice is appreciated by the consumers and the industry organisations. In yesteryears our juice produced under the name of Słoneczna Tłocznia was rewarded with prestigious Consumer Laurel and with the Logo “Teraz Polska”.
Take a liking to Sady Wincenta’s juice. It’s all good and all health!



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